Higashihiroshima  ~Welcome to the hometown of Ginjo Sake~

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Sakagura Dori Guide

How would you like to explore a town with a variety of brewing facilities? Many brewing facilities are located on the east side of the station with a western style office building in front of them. You see Saijo’s unique original style wineries with their red brick chimneys that act as signs that identify them, and wineries built with Dozo-Zukuri which have walls covered in mud and a beautiful combination of white Shikkui (a white paste covering the walls which is used as glue) and Namako-Kabe (black tiles that cover the walls). You can also view houses with Senbon-Goshi (lattices of evenly spaced vertical timber bars). There are also two wineries with cafes and restaurants on the west side of the station.


Sakagura Dori Tourist Information

Sake Wine Cellar Town walking guide
  • Every 10th of the month
  • Reception hours: 10:00 am - 11:00 am (start as necessary)
  • Place of reception: Higashihiroshima Tourist Association Saijo Sakagura Dori Tourist Information Center
  • Participation Fee: Free
* It is possible to participate on days other than the 10th of the month. (Dispatching fee needed)
Would you like to take a walk in Higashihiroshima with volunteer guides?

Tourism volunteers who guide people through Higashihiroshima are not professional. They are locals who are very friendly, and love the local area. They put a lot of effort into their work, so you get to know

PDFVolunteer guide application form
Information about open wine cellars

For a lot of tourists who come to the wine cellar district to enjoy our townscape and the culture of Japanese Sake, we have open wine cellars on Saturdays and Holidays in the wine cellar district. An open cellar has a sign that says "Yokoso Joka Machi Saijo (Welcome to brewery town Saijo)". Restaurants and Shops around the neighborhood also welcome you.

Contact the Tourist Information Center
Telephone: 082-421-2511 (10:00 am - 4:00 pm daily except Mondays)
Check the blog "Nonta's murmur" to see which wine cellars are open.

Saijo Sake

Saijo SakeSaijo Sake Brewers Association consists of 9 companies(Currently 8 companies) -- 8 sake breweries(Currently 7 companies) reside on Sakagura Dori (Winery Street) and 1 sake brewery is in Kurose City. The Sake from these wineries has been selected as a major brand by the Japan Brand Development Assistance Program, a Japanese government initiative. Our passion is to brew the Japanese sake brand of choice that the world will love.

Places to buy Saijo Sake

The Sake Town Saijo's Speciality: "Bishunabe"

BishunabeIn the old days, during the preparation of sake, brewers made Bishunabe as a staff meal. In Saijo, each brewery used different ingredients. The basic recipe is very simple. Cook garlic, chicken, gizzards, cognac, nappa cabbage, onions, carrots, white leek, green peppers and other vegetables with sake and salt and pepper in a pot. Since you get rid of the alcohol by boiling it, anybody can eat it, even a child.

Where you can taste delicious Bishunabe